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BSL Overview


The BSL approach to leadership development is based on our core values:


While we provide sound biblical courses, BSL is relationally-driven rather than curriculum-driven. At its core it is a mentoring, whole-life approach to developing godly servant-hearted leaders.


Our courses provide a biblical framework for transformational mentoring to take place. They also give the participants resources to use as they return to their church or ministry with the goal of training their own leaders.

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Woven into the design of BSL are four one-week modules spaced over two years. It is a commitment on the part of those being trained, to attend each module and to implement what they have learned in the months in between the modules.

Module One on Servanthood explores what it means to humbly lead like Jesus and become an encourager like Barnabas. In Module Two on Leadership we examine how Nehemiah rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem and restored the nation of Israel. Module Three on Mentorship, based on 2 Timothy, looks at how to lead like Paul and Timothy—deeply investing our lives in others. Finally, the Character module dives into the Sermon on the Mount, to explore how to live and lead differently.


A Rich Learning Experience


The modules provide a chance to learn by listening, reflecting, discussing and mentoring fellow leaders. The months in between the four one-week modules provide an opportunity to train other leaders by teaching and mentoring them, and more importantly, being transformed in the process. We view our primary trainers as mentor-teachers or mentor-coaches, rather than lecturers. You will receive coaching on mentoring, using Rowland Forman’s book: Mutual Mentoring for Life Transform.

Our Story


Barnabas School of Leadership was founded by Rowland Forman, a mentor-coach, educator, graduate of Dallas Seminary, and former pastor from New Zealand.

The importance of BSL was confirmed when Rowland attended the Global Proclamation Congress (Bangkok, Thailand 2016), where the theme was that the gospel is flourishing in parts of Asia, Africa and South America, and when that happens congregations form quickly. Typically, someone is appointed as their pastor and the Congress suggested that only 5% of those pastors ever receive any form of training.

It is our prayer that BSL will be one of the small answers to the training of under-resourced pastors and church leaders in the Majority World.


Since the Congress, BSL has six Cohorts of between 10-30 leaders in Myanmar, three Cohorts of 30 leaders in Nepal, one cohort of 30 leaders (from 7 nations) in West Africa, and one cohort of 32 leaders from Central Africa (representing 6 nations).


Currently, we have requests for BSL cohorts to be launched in nine other countries. Please pray for wisdom as we seek the mind of Christ on this.

We here at BSL, invite you to contact us and learn more about our training program and partnerships.

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