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Mentoring Global Leaders

Developing Under-Resourced Leaders in the Majority World

Barnabas School of Leadership (BSL) is focused on training and equipping pastors and leaders in under-resourced parts of the world.

Vision & Mission

We long to be a small part of what God is doing as he provides pastoral training resources for underprivileged nations.

Values & DNA

Learn more about our philosophy of ministry, our values and beliefs that we believe brings about life transformation

Our Team

Our leadership team consists of a carefully selected group of people. Meet our team’s board, staff, mentors, and teachers.


An esteemed mentor-friend, John Mallison of Sydney, Australia once said that his mentoring ministry “floated on a raft of prayer.” It is our desire to see God develop BSL in a way that can only be explained by the work of the Holy Spirit in answer to believing prayer. If you would like to join this “prayer-raft” and receive concise monthly emails, please complete the form below. Your details and emails will not be shared with others

Thanks for joining our prayer raft!

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